Logistics services

Transport company TTP Arena Ltd with a qualified team and modern machines guarantees a liable transport service that complies with all necessary safety and quality requirements. Cargoes reach the recipients smoothly across Lithuania and other countries.
  • Cargo transportation both locally and internationally – we will ensure that your cargo
  • would reach any destination in the world safely and effectively;
  • Selection of best routes – less spendings and more efficiency;
  • Cargo transportation by roads, air, sea, railways – a wide selection of ways to
  • transport your cargo allows to accomplish various client requests and to ensure
  • smooth transportation of any type of cargo;
  • Transportation of various types of cargo – we deliver almost any type of cargo to your designated location;
  • Full and partial cargo carriage;
  • Forwarding services – organization, maintenance, coordination and control of a whole transportation system;
  • Moving services – we ensure fast, safe, responsible care of your personal items.
  • Office equipment, galleries, musical instruments and other items to be securely
  • moved in the same or to another country;
  • Other services related to transportation: agreement formation, management of
  • insurance documents, preparation of customs documents, taking care of permissions for transportation, warehousing, packaging, loading, unloading, assembly, distribution and other;
  • Client consultation – we answer our clients any questions related with transportation services and provide all necessary advices.

Forwarding Services

Forwarding consists of the following:
  • Preparation of the optimal route, selection of the most suitable vehicle according to the weight, dimensions, type and other parameters of the cargo;
  • Search for the driver;
  • Document finalization such as insurance, customs brokerage and others which are mandatory for cargo transportation regarding to legislations of countries through which the cargo will be transferred;
  • Live cargo monitoring, when the cargo is already being transported.
  • The essence of cargo forwarding is in the real-time control of cargo transportation. Also, we follow the rule of door to door cargo delivery. A forwarding company might not have its own trucks or other vehicles, but it will ensure the control and coordination of the cargo transportation.
Forwarders of TTP Arena Ltd will ensure that the cargo will be taken from the primary point and will be delivered to the recipient, so that the customer won‘t have to take care of documents and other nuances. Our forwarding specialists will guarantee the responsible organization, document management and control process.

Customs Clearance and Warehousing Services Are Organized Additionally